So, how can an architect add value to your project? 

Architects design all types of buildings...

An architect licensed and registered in New York provides services related to the design and construction of buildings and the spaces around them, where the safeguarding of life, health, property, and public welfare is concerned.

Where is the Value for you? 

Are you buying a home? 

An Architect can walk through the home and help you ask/answer some vital questions: What's the potential? What are the initial improvements? What's my plan?

Are you building a new home?

Want a partner to help you design, develop, choose a contractor, and ensure the final product matches your needs? An architect takes your dreams, your list of must-haves, and guides you from initial concept development to final product.

Are you renovating? 

You want to make sure your home transforms with you and your family.  An architect can aid in improvements, reconfigurations, and expansions for the comfort and growth of your family. 

Know your Professional

A licensed architect is educated and practiced in the varied needs of your home. He/she is your resource for all projects; aiding in a streamlined construction process. From the sun-room to the new 2,000 square-foot addition, an architect partners with all trades to ensure your finished project is both safe and true to your design dream. 


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