Director of Continuing Education

Name: Kelly Jackson

Job Title: Director of Continuing Education

Email Address:

Firm Name and Location: Purchase College, SUNY, Purchase, NY

Position Details : An opportunity to encourage the next generation of architects!  Spend two hours visiting a youth and/or pre-college program twice to talk about life as an architect and participate in a studio or digital work session with students. $200/visit.

YOUTH PROGRAM (grades 5-8)
Architect #1: Tuesday, July 16: 1:30–3:30 p.m. and Tuesday, July 23: 1:30–3:30 p.m. 
Architect #2: Thursday, July 18: 1:30–3:30 p.m. and Thursday, July 25: 1:30–3:30 p.m. 

Architect #1: Tuesday, July 30: 1:30–3:30 p.m. and Tuesday, August 6: 1:30–3:30 p.m. *
Architect #2: Wednesday, July 31: 1:30–3:30 p.m.** and Wednesday, August 8: 1:30–3:30 p.m. **

*8/6 session should also include information about building a portfolio for undergraduate admission
**An architect comfortable leading a digital architecture project* in computer lab–often a re-creation of a room in their home

Phone: (914) 251-6500